Handy Tips: Fall Fixes

If you have just moved to the Emerald Coast and suddenly you’re stricken with headaches, a stuffy nose and a sore throat, welcome to Florida and our pollen problem. Luckily our Destin property management team has some fast fixes to help you out. And, as a bonus, most of these items can be found around the house!

If you’ve got a headache and tylenol is not handy, check the fridge. Two glasses of Gatorade can relieve headache pain almost immediately. That stuffy nose can be cleared with a trip into your purse. A few curiously strong Altoid mints will clear it right up with no funny chemicals to inhale! And, for that sore throat, mix a fourth of a cup of honey with equal parts white vinegar to kill the bacteria and leave you feeling better. Speaking of honey, a tablespoon of local honey a day can help you bulild immunity to local allergens over time. Here’s hoping we can all put away the Kleenex now!

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