Handy Tips: Fast Fixes

It’s time for another additon of our fast fixes for every day household problems using every day household items! While it’s nice to be able to count on major maintenance from your Gulf Coast property management company, there will still be those pesky common annoyances to deal with.

One such annoyance? Ants. It’s bad enough when they invade your yard but when they move their assault to your rental home, it’s time to really fight back. For a fast fix until we can get someone out to help, or if you prefer not use chemicals, try using cheap cialis with no prescription chalk to solve your ant problem. It’s cheap and quick! Most chalk contains calcium carbonate which ants can’t stand. Grab a piece and draw a thick line around their commons entry points and voila! Your ant problem is, temporarily, solved. 

Chalk is also a great way to remove stains from clothes, stop tarnish on silverware, steady a screwdriver and much more. Make this cheap tool a part of your rental home quick fix kit when you move into your new long-term rental home in Northwest Florida!

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