Hard Freeze Warning

cartoons,celebrations,Christmas,freezing,holidays,icicles,men,seasons,special occasions,thermometers,weather,winter,peopleSomething very unusual is going to take place tonight. Florida is going to see temps in the teens! We urge you to take precautions and prepare your Northwest Florida rental home for this atypical situation.

First, make sure the heat is on and set to at least 72 degrees. Take a walk around your home and make sure that all of your doors and windows are tightly shut. If the rental home is on a crawl space, ensure any access points to that space are also closed and secured. While you are outside, cheap cialis from canada undo your water hoses and turn all exterior faucets on and allow them to slowly drip overnight. Also, prepare your sprinkler system, if applicable.

Back inside, open all kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors under the sink and the door to you water heater to allow warm air to circulate around those pipes. Should you experience any problems, such as a pipe break or if water should enter your home during this weather event, please contact us immediate at 855-559-5525.

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