Hidden Home Expenses

While you shop for a place to call home, more often than not, the rental price is the foremost defining factor in whether or not the space will work. However, what happens when you budget for the obviously listed rental price, but forget to factor in the hidden costs of leasing a home?

Utilities are hidden expenses. You know you need to plan for them, but they are not always at the top of your priority list. Before you sign a lease and find yourself sitting in a cold, dark apartment, consider looking at the average costs of utilities.

Being energy-efficient is great to save money, but regardless of how often you remember to turn off the lights, an electric bill will still be due at the end of the month. Average buy generic cialis united states costs of electricity run $30-$50 a month if you do not use air conditioning. Considering we live in Florida, that is not an option for most of us. Factor in additional $50-$80 a month just to stay cool during those warm summer months.

While optional, cable and Internet are still relatively expensive if you choose to have them in your home. Bundle the two and you could be spending close to $90 a month on entertainment.

While these are all rough estimates, it is important to keep in mind that roughly 20% of your monthly income will go towards utilities. To find the perfect Northwest Florida rental home with the right price and the right expenses search our available long term listings.

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