Damage-Free Decorating

How to Use Command Strips

Want to decorate your rental home without sacrificing your security deposit? Damage-free decorating with Command strips are the way to go. We’re showing you some of our favorite ways to use Command strips to give your home your own personal touch without putting holes in the wall or stripping paint. Yes, it’s that easy!

First, be sure to check the back of the strips or hooks for instructions. It’s important to always work with a clean, dry surface and to let the strip adhere to the wall for the appropriate amount of time. If you’re using hooks, make sure you follow the directions closely so that they can be easily removed when moving out.

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Curtain Call!

We bet you never thought you could use Command hooks to hang a curtain, right? Command Forever Classic Large Metal Hooks are so fancy, your guests won’t even know they’re Command. To hang your curtains using Command, just place a hook on either side of the window at the desired height and place the curtain rod across the hook. Each of these Command hooks can hold up to five pounds. Bonus points if your curtain rod matches the hook!

Create Your Own Art Gallery

Gone are the days of hammering a nail into the wall to hang your favorite piece of art. With Command, hanging a picture on your wall has never been easier. Command strips come in a variety of sizes and options, but these Medium Picture Hanging Strips are our go-to. Just snap the pieces into place, press on the wall for 30 seconds, and voila! Transform any blank wall into an at-home art gallery in mere minutes. When it’s time to come off, there’s no sticky residue left behind.

Hook Up Your Kitchen

Save space in your kitchen using Command hooks. Hang pots, pans, strainers, and more on your wall with Clear Large Hooks. These hooks also work perfectly inside cabinet doors, as they can hold things like measuring spoons and utensils that take up a lot of drawer space.

As as an added bonus, Command hooks can be used to save space under the sink! The Clear Small Hooks are perfect for this space. Tip: hang a wooden dowel on the hooks and drape dishtowels, gloves, and other kitchen necessities.

Lastly, Command hooks can be used to create your own indoor garden. If you have a window above your kitchen sink with lots of natural light, use the Clear Small Hooks to suspend small potted plants from either side of the cabinet.

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