New Year, New Rental?

4 Ways to Make Your Long-Term Rental Feel like Home

If you recently moved into a new long-term rental in Northwest Florida, then you are probably drowning in boxes that never end! Not to mention making a rental really feel like home can be a challenge. Here at Southern, we want your rental home to feel like your own personal oasis. Somewhere to unwind and relax from work and stress. To help you accomplish this, we have listed four ways to make your long-term rental feel like home. None of these items break the bank, they are all allowed within your rental agreement and can transform your space.


Get to work unpacking those boxes. Don’t be afraid to move things around for a few days after they are unpacked. You might start using the space and feel that the kitchenware should be located in a different cabinet. Take the time to do it right but make sure it gets done. Having unpacked boxes lying around can really put a damper on the move-in process.


Having pictures around the house of people you love, memories you cherish, and even inspiring quotes is a great way to personalize the space. Not only that, but it allows you to relive those moments each day which can make you feel at ease in your new home.

Comfy Elements

Another great way to make the space more personal is by including comfy elements throughout. These elements could include throw pillows, blankets, and other items that make you want to put your pajamas on and watch a movie. Having décor with texture and warmth can spark peaceful thoughts.

Make the Most Out of your Space

Ditch old furniture that doesn’t work in the space. This doesn’t need to be anything major! It could simply be finding a new mirror to go on a wall in a smaller room to make it bigger. Don’t feel pressure to use everything you owned in a previous home. Making your décor and furniture fit the space you’re in could end up being more stressful than getting new pieces.

We hope these four ways to make your long-term rental feel like home help the move-in process go smoothly!

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