Reasons to Use a Property Manager

Real estate agent at workIf you own a long-term rental on the Gulf Coast, there are some real advantages to using a property manager in Pensacola and surrounding area. Here are just a few of the ways our property managers can help you get the most out of your real estate investments.

No more phone calls. As a landlord, as soon as something goes wrong, your tenant will expect you to be over there fixing whatever the problem is. With a property manager, the pressure is taken off you and we can handle situations as they arise.

Maintenance and repair. You don’t have to be a pool boy, gardener, electrician anymore! You can simply be a real estate investor. A property manager will take care of routine maintenance and make sure small issues don’t turn into large issues.

Avoid legal issues. A property manager will oversee collecting rent, fully vet tenants, and take care of any evictions should they arise. As a professional, property managers have access to several resources that ensure the tenants you choose are the right ones, and that if there is a problem it can be handled swiftly within the law.

If you own real estate on the Gulf Coast and have questions about the many benefits of using a property manager in Pensacola, call us today!

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