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In order to better serve our tenants and owners, Southern uses a hybrid of software systems. Southern’s software systems Propertyware and ShowMojo allow for ease of tenant screening, portals, reporting, and more. While ShowMojo works to market to prospective tenants, Propertyware acts as the main hub for tenants as well as owners. Read below to find out how Southern’s software systems best benefit you.

How it Works: ShowMojo

ShowMojo’s automated lead prequalification is just what it sounds like. Each lead is qualified before even entering your home to ensure the prospective tenant is a good match. Once qualified,  individuals interested in your property can take self-guided tours with a unique code to your property. Then, after each showing, Showmojo automatically sends emails tailored to each prospective tenant. And it doesn’t stop there! ShowMojo also encourages each prospect to schedule additional showings at similar properties. This feature is automatic and based around criteria specified by our team.

Southern's Software Systems

ShowMojo also nurtures leads, ensuring we place the right tenant in your home. With tailored, automatic communications, each effort is personalized and sent directly from you. In addition, ShowMojo works in conjunction with Propertyware to import and update listings with available showing times and property information.

How it Works: Propertyware

When an application comes through, Propertyware’s tenant screening powered by LeasingDesk allows applications and fees to be accepted electronically, and prospects to be screened in real time.  Tenant screening features include eviction and criminal databases, full integration, simple pricing, a built-in “Follow Me” national criminal search, and more.

Additionally, with Propertyware’s tenant and owner portals, it’s never been easier to keep up with rent, service requests, and more. You have 24/7 access to the information you need most, and for owners, you can see your investment’s performance in real time.  The tenant portal acts as a centralized location to communicate with any Southern staff member, whether from your computer or the convenience of your smart device. Meanwhile, pay rent online from the convenience of a checking or savings account or card. Also, when you submit a maintenance request, you’re able to add a photo or video to make locating the specific issue that much quicker.

If you’d like more information about our property management services, then visit our website or give us a call today. Whether you’re a prospective tenant or looking for a property management company, we’d love to welcome you to the Southern family!

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