Spring Cleaning is Upon Us!

Spring Cleaning Tips to Make it Effective, Efficient, and Fun

Spring is right around the corner! We don’t know about you, but we are looking forward to spring cleaning and the refresh it brings to our homes. Something about warmer weather and sunshine gives us the pep in our step we need to get the job done. What items are on your cleaning list this year? When renting a long-term rental along the Gulf Coast, it can be especially important to do your part in keeping up the property. This becomes super helpful when it comes time to move out. Keeping an ongoing cleaning list is a great idea, but also participating in spring cleaning can expose items that might need more attention. To make this activity more enjoyable for those who might not love to clean, we have listed three spring cleaning tips below.

Create a Cleaning Catty

Head on over to your nearest grocery store, grab a basket, your favorite cleaning products, and a couple of rags/microfiber towels (we find these work best when taking on a large amount of cleaning). Creating a cleaning catty makes it easy to store your cleaning products and allows you to carry around everything you may need as you work from room to room.

Work Room by Room

Speaking of working room to room, this is a great way to get the job done! It can be much less daunting when you take it one room at a time instead of worrying about your entire long-term rental. Clean one room, take a short break, then clean another. You will feel less burnout if you tackle the project this way.

Background Noise!

Cleaning without music or your favorite movie on in the background is no fun! Crank up some tunes, dance like no one is watching, and start checking things off your list. You may feel tired as the day goes on, but the background noise is a wonderful way to stay energized.

We hope these spring cleaning tips prove to be useful when it comes time to refresh your long-term rental along the Coast!

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