Termite Prevention

springFew people think about termites when it’s unusually cool – in fact, it’s probably safe to say that many of you enjoyed a termite-free winter in your Destin long term rentals. The truth is, termites and ants are a constant threat to your home, especially now as we head into the warmer spring and summer seasons.

The good news is there are some relatively small and simple steps that you can take now to prevent termites from festering. Before you can prevent the infestation, you need to know the conditions cialis no prescription that attract the insects to the area. In this case,  think soil, wood and water.

Now that you know the three conditions to look for you can look to how they can be protected against these critters. Start with the basics and eliminate water leaks, remove brush and store excess building materials away from your home.

Still have questions about how to prevent termite damage in your home? Contact our property management team at Southern for more rental tips and tricks.

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