Trick or Treat at the Beach

Whether you love Halloween or if you consider the the knock-knock-knocking on your door the most frightful thing in the world, it is just around the corner. If you’ve just moved into a new rental home on the Gulf Coast, you’ll want to be prepared.

In some neighborhoods, communities and complexes, Halloween is a big deal. Or it could be totally ignored. The point is that you probably need to find out, especially if you just moved in. You don’t want to be the new street Scrooge, right? Take a look around the neighborhood; do you see pumpkins and inflatable horror scenes around every bend? Welcome to Halloween Land! You’ll need to pick up some candy, a few decorations and get to work as you can expect many little goblins and ghouls to visit soon. If you live in a condo or apartment complex where decorations might not be appropriate, that doesn’t mean you may not get visitors. Take this opportunity to meet the new neighbors by asking what Halloween is usually like in the building and don’t get caught unaware.

If you love Halloween but, for whatever reason, prefer not to do the trick-or-treating thing, consider heading out. Many area restaurants and shopping centers, especially those in Destin, Fort Walton Beach and South Walton, will be hosting special events. And, if you just want to spend a quiet night at home, just flip off the porch light for the night. Happy (almost) Halloween!

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