Vacation Rental Property Management

So, you own a long term home rental in Northwest Florida or Coastal Alabama. And, you’ve really enjoyed the services of our residential leasing team, but feel you’re home on or near the beach may benefit you more as a vacation rental property. Don’t worry, you don’t have to leave the Southern family of companies.

Southern Vacation Rentals offers a full suite of services for your short term rental property. From a dedicated staff, to maintenance services and financial guidance, Southern wants to ensure that your property, be it a long term home rental or a vacation property, is a success.

One of the things that really sets Southern apart from other vacation rental property management companies is our dedication to service, both to our owners and our guests. We have no doubt you experienced this on our long term program, as well. As General Manager Richard Lamar states in the video above, we know the Gulf Coast and have the team you need to help make your investment a success.

Richard speaks of employees who are will to go above and beyond. You will certainly experience that with your two dedicated managers. Yes, two. When you join the vacation rental property management program, you are given an Owner Relations Manager, as well as a Property Condition Manager to help oversee your rental. The Owner Relations Manager helps to ensure the financial success of your property, while the Property Condition Manager is dedicated to the care of your rental.

These are just a very few reasons why you should consider sticking with Southern if you are thinking of making a move from long term rental to short term. To learn more about our marketing and sales program, maintenance plans and so much more, contact us today!

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