What Tenants Want

Historic Home5Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what a tenant, or even a prospective tenant, was thinking when the subject of your South Walton rental home was at hand? You could stabilize your cash flow and reduce the risk of owning an investment property if you could just pinpoint the features that a renter wanted.

Well, you are in luck! To some extent, this seemingly impossible task, is in fact possible. Recent studies conducted by experts at the Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine have found a few common things that can influence a prospective tenant’s decision to rent.

So, what are these trigger features? Number one is price. It is only cialis price in usa human to look at the price, but it will ultimately come down to value that your home offers. This leads into the remaining factors that will influence a prospective renter. Location, crime statistics, school systems and community amenities are all things that your tenant is thinking about and can ultimately effect the “value” of your home.

It is important to highlight these items from the get-go. Here at Southern Residential Leasing, our property management professionals will work with you and your property to emphasize the positive attribute of your rental so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

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