What You Need to Know Before You Move

movingCongratulations! After months of touring homes and playing phone tag, you have finally found a long term rental in Crestview to lease. Now the hard part begins – moving. Que signs of a backache, right? Probably, but if you stay organized the headache is likely to subsidize.

Before moving day rolls around, our Florida property managers suggest booking furniture donations weeks in advance, not to mention your friends and family. Another thing you can do to reduce the stress of moving is label everything. Further avoid those mystery boxes by categorizing items based on what they are, no where they are. On that note, we also suggest having an “essentials” box ready and waiting at your new home. Pack the basics, trashcan, toilet paper, soap, etc. in here so you to civilize the process.

Last but not least, the answer is yes. Yes, you need a dolly! Hands down this will make the move 100 percent easier.

Ready to move, or are you still looking for that special place to call home? We’re here and ready to help in whatever we can! Give us a call today to find your dream home and have one less thing to stress out about.

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