Why You Should Rent

1 (2)Are you a recent college graduate in pursuit of a new home close to work? Perhaps you are near the age of retirement in the market to downsize. Whatever the reason may be, the question you have to ask yourself is “should I buy a home, or rent one?” While there are advantages to both scenarios, let us say you have decided to find a rental in Destin, Florida.

Who says you have to own a home to live the American dream anyway? Choosing to rent may actually fit your budget and your lifestyle better than homeownership. You have probably heard the myth that renters are just throwing their money away, but the truth is they are saving on costs that potential homebuyers face. Think about the closing fees, mortgage interest, property taxes and maintenance among other things that offer little to no return.

Another thing to consider is commitment. To recover the sales costs equated with buying, owners should plan to stay put for a reasonable amount of time. Renters on the other hand, have more freedom, flexibility and mobility.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your decision is based on your lifestyle and what you can afford. There are a variety of housing options available and our Gulf Coast property managers and RE/MAX Southern agents will be happy to help you explore these further.

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