Efficient Upgrades

We’ve reached that wonderful time of year along the Gulf Coast when we can throw open the doors and windows to give our A/C units a break. And, if you have an income property with an older HVAC system or inefficient windows, your tenants are enjoying the break on their electric bill.

If you know your Northwest Florida rental property is due for some upgrades, make efficient chocies that will be attractive to tenants. Yes, stainless steel appliances, smooth ceilings and pretty paint will always help to rent your home quickly, but bills that are consistently low, with averages that can be advertised, will not only save tenants money but could make you more. Adding qualified ENERGY STAR appliances to your rental, including a hot water heater and HVAC system, will lower electric costs for tenants and could provide an insurance or tax break for you. You may even be able to charge more in rent.

Let’s not forget about those windows or doors. Moisture, weather and water damage always needs to be addressed, but, if they are also leaking air (and A/C!), you may want to consider replacing or caulking the opening to increase efficiency.

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