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How to Increase Your Rental Value

How to Increase Your Rental Value ~ Southern Residential Leasing Whether you own a short- or long-term investment property, chances are you're interested in maximizing the value of that property. It's important to put the time and resources into your property for the largest return on investment (ROI). By upgrading your rental home, you're likely to see an increase in tenant retention along with the ROI. Need some advice? Read below for our tips... Read More

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Emerald Coast Lawn Care

With spring in the air, there is no better time to make sure your Northwest Florida investment property is kicking the season off right. Where does that start? Simply put, with your yard. Tenants who are lazy about lawn maintenance are a pretty standard thing. Something you should note is that this laziness may not be because they do not care about your lawn, but the fact that they do not know how to care for it. If you are not providing lawn s... Read More

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Investing in Your Home

It is that time of year again. The time where we find ourselves incessantly checking our mailboxes awaiting perhaps one of the greatest deliveries we will receive all year. That is right, our tax refunds. Why wait though? It is never too early to start thinking about the BEST ways to use that money, say on your northwest Florida rental home… Your home is likely one of your most substantial assets. Does it not make sense to take care of it? Kee... Read More

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Kitchen Remodels for Profit

If there is one home feature sure to get potential tenants through the door of your Northwest Florida rental property it is the promise of an updated kitchen. If you're considering a kitchen update, follow our tips to make sure you get the proper bang for your buck! The first thing you need to decide is what kind of makeover will have the biggest impact on your home, both for showings, as well as value. If you already have newer appliances and g... Read More

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Should You Hire a Pro?

Managing an income property can be a big task, especially if it is your first investment to date. Perhaps you’ve been doing this awhile and want to expand your investments or perhaps you’ve tried managing your rental yourself and are frustrated. Either way, you’re here because you’ve been thinking “Should I hire a pro?”. Hiring a professional management company is a big decision, as if deciding which company to choose. There are s... Read More

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Remodeling Your Rental

Remodeling an out of date rental home can put serious dough in your pocket, especially if you tackle big money areas, such as the kitchen or master bath. If not done correctly, however, remodels can also cause major headaches. First, make sure you are remodeling to code. If not, it could cause problems for you down the road, either when the home is repaired or at time of inspection when selling. Also, remember that delays and glitches are inevit... Read More

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Home Holiday Safety

The holiday season is quickly approaching and many area homeowners and renters are preparing to deck the halls accordingly. If you have a Northwest Florida rental property, you may want to stop by your rental home and conduct a few safety checks. If the tenants in your rental home have already decorated, make sure each string of lights looks in good working order. Check the sockets and scan the cords to make sure you don't see any sparks or fray... Read More

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How To Screen Tenants

Before you shake hands and turn over the keys to your Northwest Florida rental home to a new tenant, there is something you will want to do - screen them! Properly screening tenants may be one of the most, if not the most, important step in owning a successful income property. Some would argue it is better to have no tenant at all over a bad one. Not running proper checks on your renters, including background checks, checking rental references a... Read More

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Reasons to Rent Your Home

There are many reasons why you may want to rent out your home, ranging from purely professional to deeply personal. No matter your reasoning, property management can ensure you reach your rental goals. You may be renting out your Northwest Florida home for a variety of reasons, including financial.  One common reason, especially in today's market, is that you owe more than the home is worth. You can't sell it without a tremendous loss but nee... Read More

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Offer A Furnished Rental

While some renters will prefer to furnish your rental home themselves, others will be thankful to find a well-furnished condo or home. This is especially true if your Northwest Florida income property is roommate friendly or near our military bases. There is more to furnishing a rental than throwing a couple of old couches and discards from your own home in and calling it a day. You want to make smart choices so your long-term rental property sh... Read More

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