Home Holiday Safety

The holiday season is quickly approaching and many area homeowners and renters are preparing to deck the halls accordingly. If you have a Northwest Florida rental property, you may want to stop by your rental home and conduct a few safety checks.

If the tenants in your rental home have already decorated, make sure each string of lights looks in good working order. Check the sockets and scan the cords to make sure you don’t see any sparks or frays. Also, make sure your tenant has not plugged more than three sets of lights into a single extension cord. If your renter hasn’t yet decorated, ask them to conduct a safety inspection of each string of lights and look for those frayed wires themselves before stringing them along the house and plugging them in!

Does your rental contain a fireplace? If so, swing by and make sure it is clean and in working order. No matter the temperature outside, everyone loves a fire during the holiday! For more tips, contact our Southern Residential Leasing team!

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