Offer A Furnished Rental

While some renters will prefer to furnish your rental home themselves, others will be thankful to find a well-furnished condo or home. This is especially true if your Northwest Florida income property is roommate friendly or near our military bases.

There is more to furnishing a rental than throwing a couple of old couches and discards from your own home in and calling it a day. You want to make smart choices so your long-term rental property shows well and rents easily. Not to mention, purchasing quality pieces that will hold up through a few rounds of tenants will be a budget saver in the end. Also, when picking our your quality furnishings, stay neutral. While your tenant is interested in a furnished rental, they will undoubtedly be bringing in some personal pieces and a simple color palette, including wall colors, will help them feel like they can make the space their home easily and within their budget.

So, what should you put in the rental? The basics. You aren’t an interior designer, nor responsible for the little things. Walk through rooms and see what larger pieces should be supplied including beds, nightstands, entertainment center, couch, dining room table and even cookware. For more tips, contact our property management specialist at Southern today!

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