Finding the Right Tenants

Real estate agent at workTake it from our expert property managers in Mobile, Alabama; there can be any number of reasons a bad tenant causes you grief. (This is not to say our tenants are bad, but merely to say, we have been there once or twice before.) Painting a room without permission and dogs that annoy the neighbors are just a few of the nightmares you might come across if you try to manage your recently purchased rental property.

The truth is, finding the right tenant is hard work, especially if you don’t know where to look and how to be sure. At Southern, we tackle everything. Background checks, rental history, employment verification, credit checks, you name, we do it. Doing this helps decrease our vacancy rate and minimize your risk.

Our efforts don’t stop there though, and they definitely don’t stop once a lease is signed. Our local managers are onsite to enforce rules and remove problems without delay.

If you need help finding the right tenant, do not hesitate to give us a call! We will market your rental property without delay, helping you find the best possible renter to keep your mind at ease.

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