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Finding the Right Tenants

Take it from our expert property managers in Mobile, Alabama; there can be any number of reasons a bad tenant causes you grief. (This is not to say our tenants are bad, but merely to say, we have been there once or twice before.) Painting a room without permission and dogs that annoy the neighbors are just a few of the nightmares you might come across if you try to manage your recently purchased rental property. The truth is, finding the right t... Read More

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Renting to Tenants with a Criminal History

On April 4, 2016 the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued a statement regarding the Fair Housing Act (FHA) to people trying to rent a home with a criminal history. While having a criminal background is not a characteristic protected under the FHA, HUD's statement concluded that housing providers should not deny applicants because of a criminal history. This is big news for landlords, realtors and property managers in F... Read More

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Decorating Your Rental Home

Did you recently buy a second home or investment property in Northwest Florida that could use a little TLC? Sometimes, these homes are where the best bargains lie and provide the perfect opportunity for you to add your own personal touch. But before you go out and make some major purchases, keep in mind the things that will affect your rental's public appeal. Let us be honest, reaching common design ground with your significant other is tough en... Read More

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