Getting the Most for Your Rental Bucks

For most of us, there are three big ticket items when it comes to household budgeting: transportation, food and rent. While the resources for controlling food and mobility may be out of your hands, there are some strategies in finding affordable living spaces.

A rising rental market has encouraged landlords to undertake substantial property renovations, and while a brand new apartment with top of the line features is hard to pass up, the general rule of thumb is that no more than 1/3 of you income should be allocated to housing.

Whether you are searching for a quaint townhome in a quiet subdivision or a Gulf front condo, here are some simple ways to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Find someone else to help foot the bill. Sharing an apartment will allow you to not only cut finances when it comes to rental payments, but with utilities as well. If sacrificing your space is out of the question, consider searching for a place that has extras included. Remember to make sure the combined cost of rent and utilities isn’t more than the individual cost. Even so, some energy-efficient changes in your home will help to spread your rental money. Replacing light bulbs with LED bulbs, reducing water pressure and covering electric outlets will all help cut-down on expenses.

Ultimately, with some planning, renting a home on the Gulf Coast does not have to drain your bank account.

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