Our New Tenant Handbook

If you have been considering a rental with Southern Residential Leasing or putting your income property on our program, but had a few questions or even concerns about what our policies and procedures could potentially be, good news! You can now view our tenant handbook online.

The Southern Tenant Handbook covers all manner of policies and procedures that both you as a tenant or owner will need to be aware of. If you are a renter or potentially will be, this is a binding part of your lease with us. As an owner, you will certainly be interested in our rent collections procedures, standard of care tenants are responsible for and much more. While only 14 pages long, there is a plethora of information included in this manual. You will find everything from move in and move out procedures, to tenant rights and security deposit information.

View the Southern Residential Leasing Tenant Handbook today to ensure you are keeping up to date with the latest information regarding your lease or property. Have questions? Contact our property management team today.

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