Property Maintenance Tips

As a landlord there will without a doubt be plenty of home maintenance to do on your income property, both during tenancy and between renters. So, what are your requirements exactly?

Well, first of all, for the home to be a rental property and bring you income, it needs to be habitable. This means you will need to know and comply with building, housing and health codes. Once your Northwest Florida rental has become occupied, you will be responsible for all necessary maintenance to the home, although some areas are option for negoiation such as pool and yard maintenance. Items such as these can be left to the tenant, just be sure the lease specifies this and all parties are in agreement as to the standards that are to be maintained. Also, be sure to give your tenants a heads up when maintenance is to be performed. Unless the issue is life-threatening or property damaging, 24 hours notice is customary.

Does all this sound like a hassle? Hire the pros and let us take care of your property for you! We’ve got trusted vendors and years of experience in maintaining real estate like yours. Call our dedicated property management team today and learn how we can keep your rental in top shape!

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