Renter Renovations

repairsNow that you have finally moved into your condo rental in Destin, you are ready to make it officially yours. The only problem is that as a renter, you cannot exactly tear down walls and rip up floors. So, how can you turn your rental into a home?

Some fixes are easy, others can be a bit more in depth, but first things first check your lease to determine what you can and cannot do. A full bathroom renovation may be out of the question, but updating smaller fixtures such as towel bars and mirrors could be a quick fix.

Repainting is another option generic cialis canadian pharmacy that has potential to make a space feel bigger and brighter. Before you buy the brushes, keep in mind that this solution remains dependent on your owner’s and property manager’s approval.

Another relatively simple change that can make you feel at home is hardware and lighting. Expect to foot the bill on this one, but rest easy because installation and de-installation is not too tasking.

There are a variety of ways to make your rental feel like home. Just remember to talk to your Gulf Coast property manager before the renovations begin. Keep in mind they want to you love your space too.

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