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Renter Renovations

Now that you have finally moved into your condo rental in Destin, you are ready to make it officially yours. The only problem is that as a renter, you cannot exactly tear down walls and rip up floors. So, how can you turn your rental into a home? Some fixes are easy, others can be a bit more in depth, but first things first check your lease to determine what you can and cannot do. A full bathroom renovation may be out of the question, but updati... Read More

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Make Yourself at Home in Your Rental

Have you found that perfect long-term rental in Fort Walton Beach? Maybe you found a condo on the beach in Destin. Whatever it is, now that you have the space, you are ready to officially make it yours. No, we do not just mean signing the lease. You have the keys and it is time to decorate. The question is, how can you add a personalized touch to the space without jeopardizing your security deposit? Every rental is different and so are the rule... Read More

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