Working With Our Military

The military is a vital part of our local economy here in Northwest Florida and especially important to the rental industry. That’s why we at Southern Residential Leasing make every effort to accommodate our local service men and woman, including abiding by the Florida Military Clause.

Our local military are a great asset to us as property managers and to you as income property owners. Many service members prefer to rent as they know they will not be in the area permanently so it is important to work with them as closely as possible. The Florida Military Clause allows military members to break their lease before it is technically up by completing a series of steps. These steps protect us and the service member, while giving us sufficient notice to get your property rented and bringing in income quickly.

If you have questions about renting to the military, contact our property management team today. We’ll be happy to discuss how catering to this market helps you as our owners!

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