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Find Rental with a Low Credit Score

Recent unemployment and the economic recession have slashed Americans’ credit scores. The good news is that the economy is rebounding, the bad news is that your credit score is not always as quick to bounce back. So, for those with a less than perfect credit score, scoring an Emerald Coast long term rental can be a bit of a struggle. If you have missed a few credit card payments, there are still some ways to put a roof over your head.  You ma... Read More

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Attracting Renters

Attracting renters to your Northwest Florida income property is one of the biggest concerns landlords have when considering renting out their home or investment property. So, what's our trick to procuring and keeping quality tenants? Consider a few key factors when marketing your property to tenants. First, you want to do is be sure you are placing ads in publications that will lead to quality tenants. There is a vast difference betwee... Read More

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Preparing Your Home for Renters

So, for one reason or another, you've decided to rent your home as an investment property. You may think all you need to do is pack up, move out and find yourself a tenant, but it's a little more complicated than that. If you want to rent your home, you will need to do a little prep work, both to attract a renter and to keep your property in good condition. First, move your stuff out and assess the home. Remove anything you do not want lost, sto... Read More

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