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Tenant Rules to Live By

The search for that perfect long term rental in Destin is approached differently by each prospective tenant. There are those who have been renters for years and those who have just decided to spread their wings and enter the market. No matter which stage you find yourself in at the moment, there are a few standard things property that managers will want you to know. Number one - renter's insurance is important. Unfortunately, bad things can happ... Read More

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Move-In Checklist

After months of searching, you have finally found the perfect rental in Destin. It is only a matter of time now before you are handed the keys and start to add your personal touch to the place. However, before you decide what where the furniture will be placed, it is important to get to know your property. By this we do not mean the layout, location or even your neighbors. Once the line is signed and you have access to your new rental, you shoul... Read More

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Your Spring Garden

April is here and with comes the signs that winter is gone, thankfully. Before the summer weather kicks in and days are spent relaxing on the beautiful Emerald Coast beaches, it is time to plant, water and get back to that yard. Throughout the terms of your lease, you should think of your Destin rental as your own. It is important to make an effort to keep the house tidy and the yard neat. You do not want to live in an unkempt place any more tha... Read More

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Securing your Security Deposit

Whether you are moving into your new Destin beach house or out, one of the most common thoughts that come to mind is your security deposit. When you pay roughly a month’s rent or more upfront, there is no doubt that you are already starting to think of ways to ensure you get that money back. Asking whether or not you want to get your security deposit back, is probably a silly question. A better one might be how do you get your security deposit... Read More

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